The Optics Department was created in 1972, just after the foundation of INAOE. Its two post-grade programs, Master of Science and Doctorate of Science in Optics, are the oldest of this Institute. Currently, the Master’s program is catalogued in the National Quality Post-grade Programs (PNPC, its initials in Spanish) of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) as of International Proficiency Program, and the Doctorate is recognized as a Consolidated Program.

The faculty in Optics consists of 37 members (senior scientists, full-time professors, associate professors and Post Doc) that perform scientific and technological well-defined research topics with a clear academic commitment to train the enrolled students in the post-grade programs in Optics at INAOE. Eighty-four percent of the faculty is registered in the National Researchers System (the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores – SNI) of CONACYT, of whom 55 percent are in levels II and III (top level is III). Eight percent of the faculty has membership with of the Optical Society of America (OSA). Two senior scientists are OSA Fellow members, because of their scientific accomplishments.

The mission of the Optics Department is:

  • To perform cutting-edge basic research.

  • To perform applied investigation oriented to satisfy the scientific community’s needs, and

  • To develop human resources capable of solving highly-relevant scientific and technological problems

The current Optics Department research topics fall into the following:

  • Biophotonics

  • Photonics

  • Optical Instrumentation and Metrology

  • Quantum Optics

  • Statistical Optics

  • Optical Physics

  • Opto-electronics

  • Image processing

Within the Department there are 20 well-equipped laboratories that perform state-of-the-art investigation, two practice laboratories and one certified Spectroscopy and Colorimetry Laboratory. There is, also, one mechanical workshop and one workshop in Optics with the full capacity to produce high quality optical components for research, teaching, and technological development.



Dr. David Sánchez-de-la-Llave

Coordinator of the Optics Department


phone: +52 (222) 266 3100 ext. 1224, 1222


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