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Optical Communications Lab

The Optical Communications Lab, Radiofrequency and Optoelectronic Systems of the INAOE Optics Coordination.

Person in charge: Ph.D. Celso Gutiérrez Martínez

The Optical Communications Lab, Radiofrequency and Optoelectronic Systems is dedicated to human resources’ research, development and training, primarily in the subjects of: optical communications, radiofrequency-fiber optics systems, microwave photonics, device and component photonics as well as optoelectronics and optoelectronic instrumentation - among other activities-.

This research studies: photonic and optoelectronic architectures and techniques for information modulation and processing. Its main applications are aimed towards fiber-radio communications systems and optoelectronic instrumentation. In this context, information transmission -theoretical and experimental- aspects are studied within: radiofrequency systems, optical fiber-radio, the study of photonic devices and components (in integrated optics and fiber optics). Also, the configuration of transmission systems and information processing for telecommunications and physical variable detection (and measurement schemes) in optoelectronic instrumentation.

Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate students working on their thesis in lab related topics are welcomed in the lab.

The lab has adequate infrastructure, equipment and tools that aid in research activities, student training and theoretical-experimental work. The lab has: lasers, photodetectors, instruments for optical strength measurement, optical amplifiers, optical filters, Michelson and Fabry-Pérot interferometers, optical spectral analyzers, a time-domain reflectometer, broadband and high voltage amplifier, electronic lab instruments, polishing machines for optical cristal and electro optics, connectivity and fiber optics finishing tools, photonic devices, computer equipment and a thermal camera (among others).

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