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Images Lab and Digital Color

Ph.D. José Javier Báez Rojas (Technological Institute of Tokyo)
Ph.D. Gonzalo Urcid Serrano ( INAOE )

Research Topics:

Adcqusition, compression, segmentation and multispectral image spreads, Holography, Digital color.
Research work carried out in the Lab is related to areas mentioned above. Holography research is done in New York at the HoloTec Company. Currently, we have a combined research program with this company that allows our students to carry out research projects in their labs.

Lab equipment

Lab equipment: Computer-controlled rotation base, Photodetector HPIB, CCD Cameras, infrared, color, monochromatic, liquid crystal display/screens, holographic tables, lasers and other light sources, Computers with Linux and Windows software in order to process images. Optics lab equipment in general: Lenses, divisors, various optical and mechanical components, 2D and 3D data visualization.

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