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Optical Instrumentation Lab

One of the lab’s main objectives is to carry out experiment development which would allow surface measurement, components and optical systems in general. For this, methods are being developed that are based on concepts from the following fields: Optical Geometry, Interferometry, Diffraction and Polarization. Some of the “classic optic tests” are: Foucault, Ronchi and Hartmann non-interferometric tests, and the Newton, Fizeau, Murty and Linnik interferometers.

We also study methods based on the of Equation of Iridescence Exchange (EIE). Be it in the traditional form or with new innovations, these tests are done with the following tools: white light sources, lasers with different wavelength emissions and physical configuration. We also have holographic and fixed tables for experimental assembly, and different mechanical assembly and micrometers to carry out measurements during experiments.

For experiment registry we have photographic cameras, both film and digital , the digital ones are connected to personal computers for experiment processing and analysis, using commercial programs or those developed in our lab by group members (researchers and students). Taking advantage of technological developments, we use liquid crystal display/screens that are also controlled by personal computers. Some methods developed in our lab are used for metrological measurement of components produced in the Institute’s Optics Lab, they are also used for human eye studies and recently, in fluid analysis.

Head of Optical Instrumentation Lab Ph.D. Alejandro Cornejo Rodríguez

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