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Optic Microscopy and Dimensional Metrology Lab

The Optic Microscopy and Dimensional Metrology Lab began its activities in 1995 with the installment of the research interferometric microscope, that was recently brought to the INAOE from London, England. This instrument is one of a kind and enables the study of reflective objects with high resolution and in three dimensions. There are several ways of operation such as: brilliant field, type 1 scanning and confocal.

To date, other kinds of microscopes have been built in the lab, mostly prototypes, with the common characteristic of having topographic information of objects using information from the reflected light phase, in this sense, instruments are optic profilometers in addition to being microscopes. Currently, we are working on a microscope with near-field scanning using laser light illumination with an immediate implementation in metallic surface observation.

With the diversification of lab user interests, we started working in optical dimensional metrology in the late 90’s, mainly dimensional interferometry. The lab was used to develop prototypes in relation to the construction of the INAOE Measurement by Coordinates Machine, located in the Aspherical Surfaces Lab. Recently, we have been working in the production of Gaussian and Bessel beams for the alignment of mechanic structures (large sizes), this project’s initial application would be the alignment of the Large Millimetric Telescope’s third mirror.

In the Lab we also carry out research in particle measurement, in collaboration with the Mexican Oil Institute.

Ph.D. David Michael Gale
Ph.D. Felix Aguilar


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