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Fibers Optics Lab

The Fiber Optics Lab is dedicated to researching and designing various fiber optic devices that have many potential uses in areas like: communications systems, medical research, instrumentation, optic sensors, and others. Today, we have the necessary equipment to carry out research regarding wavelengths (range 1550 nm). This wavelengths range is used mostly in communications systems and eye safe in edge, metrology, etc.

In recent years, research has focused on fiber optics lasers for generating short pulses and ultra short pulses and in generating supercontinuum (pulses with over 100 nm spectral broadband).

Design and research of fiber optics lasers must include as an main part: research and design of fiber optic amplifiers, nonlinear fiber optics phenomenon, fiber optic spectral filters and other elements.

Fiber optics research began in 1995 and since then, the results have been published in about 60 magazine articles. The Fiber Optics Lab is not only for research, it is also available for teaching.

To date, 17 Doctorate students and 21 Masters students have graduated from the INAOE with the help of lab researchers who advised them.

Person in charge of the lab: Ph.D. Evgeny Kuzin

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