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Science Group and Optoelectronics Engineering (CIOE)

In 2002, the CIOE group was created for Optoelectronic development within the INAOE. Since it was founded, it has distinguished itself for its prolific publications and citations. The group is made up of 9 high level researchers of national and international prestige.

Ph.D. Sabino Chávez Cerda (SNI 3),
Ph.D. Eugenio Kuzin (SNI 3),
Ph.D. Marcelo David Iturbe Castillo (SNI 2),
Ph.D. Nikolai Korneev (SNI 2),
Ph.D. Baldemar Ibarra Escamilla (SNI 2),
Ph.D. Ruben Ramos Garcia (SNI 2),
Ph.D. Julio Cesar Ramirez San Juan (SNI 1),
Ph.D. Carlos G. Treviño Palacios (SNI 1) y

In general research areas include invariant beam propagation, lasers, optical fibers, nonlinear optics, biophotonics, optical pliers, liquid crystal optics, terahertz sources, nanoparticles, and elastomers.

The group maintains close collaborations with other researchers from the Optics Coordination, among them: Ph.D. Victor Arrizón Peña, Ph.D.. David Sánchez de la Llave, Ph.D. Ponciano Rodríguez Montero, Ph.D. Svetlana Mansurova and Ph.D. Arturo Olivares Pérez.

Conact person: Ph.D. Rubén Ramos García (

Main Activities:

  • Creation and dissemination of spatial solitons, spatial-temporal solitons and bright and dark solitons.

  • Development of Optoelectronic Systems focused on information transmission through fiber (optic) channels, for video-voice transmission and digital information.

  • Study the feasibility of detecting intense electrical fields through the use of coherent optic modulation.

  • Development of modulators with integrated optical light.

  • Work in photorefractive material’s physics.

  • Experiment both theoretically experimentally, with: lasers of locking mode, continuous wave lasers with erbium-doped fibers, nonlinear phenomenon in fibers and optical fiber sensors.

  • Characterization of nonlinear parameters in organic materials to be applied in telecommunications.


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