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Image Sciences Group

Research and develop new information management techniques using tools like: analogical processing, digital, temporary, computational and hybrid.

Research Topics

Ophthalmic Optics
Pattern recognition, digital image processing and hybrid systems for focal depth extension.
Holography and new materials.
Optic image processing, Fourier optics, optical correlator, application of nonlinear materials in optic information processing systems.
Diffractive optical elements, spatial light modulators that can be electronically programmed and computer generated holograms.
Optoelectronic processing of digital signals.
Optical Computer Systems Engineering
Electromagnetic wave propagation in linear and nonlinear settings, computational optics.

Group Researchers and Technicians

Ph.D. Albertina Castro Ibarra
Mr.. J. Gustavo Ramírez Zavaleta
Mr. Jorge M. Ibarra Galitzia
Ph.D. Estela López Olazagasqui
Ph.D. Marco A. Rosales Medina.
Ph.D. Alexandre Scherbakov
Ph.D. David Sánchez de la Llave
Ph.D. Eduardo Tepichin Rodríguez
Ph.D. Víctor Arrizón Peña
Mr. Alejandro Landa Landa 


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