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Optics Instrumentation Group

This group is consolidated in the field of Optical Engineering, its research areas are: Optical Design, Optical Testing, Optic component fabrication, Microscopy, Metrology and Optical applications in the medical field.

Main Activities:
Design of optical systems using hybrid systems, refractive-refractive.
Eye monitors
Wavefront codification applications in instrument design.
Testing of optic components and non-conventional optics systems.
To make: off axis aspherical surfaces
Large surface Metrology
Perfilometry with confocal and near-field microscopy.
Determination of particle size.
Corneal topography (human eye)

Group Researchers:

Ph.D. Felix Aguilar Valdés
Ph.D. Jorge Castro Ramos
Ph.D. Alejandro Cornejo Rodríguez
Ph.D. José Rufino Díaz Uribe
Ph.D. David Michael Gale
Ph.D. Fermín Granados
Ph.D. Alberto Jaramillo
Ph.D. Francisco Renero Carrillo
Ph.D. Sergio Vázquez y Montiel

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