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Photonics Group

Main Activities:

  • They study the creation and propagation of spatial solitons, spatial-temporal solitons and bright and dark solitons.
  • Optoelectronic systems are developed; they are focused on information transmission through fiber optical channels for voice-video and digital information transmission.
  • Study the feasibility of detecting intense electrical fields through the use of coherent optic modulation.
  • Development of modulators with integrated optical light.
  • Work in photorefractive material’s physics.
  • Experiment both theoretically experimentally, with: lasers of locking mode, continuous wave lasers with erbium-doped fibers, nonlinear phenomenon in fibers and optical fiber sensors.
  • Characterization of nonlinear parameters in organic materials to be applied in telecommunications.


Group Researchers:

Ph.D. Oscar Baldovino Pantaleón
Ph.D. Sabino Chávez Cerda
Ph.D. Baldemar Ibarra Escamilla
Ph.D. David Iturbe Castillo
Ph.D. Nikolai Korneev Zabello
Ph.D. Eugene Kuzin
Ph.D. Svetlana Mansurova
Ph.D. Julio Ramírez San Juan
Ph.D. Rubén Ramos García
Ph.D. Ponciano Rodríguez Montero
Ph.D. Carlos Treviño Palacios

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