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Optical workshop


Supply conventional optical components for research, teaching and technological development.

Design of components and optical systems.
Producing, testing and certifying optical components (conventional and non conventional) used in infrared and visible astronomy, for national and foreign institutions.
Petrology services for other institutions, national and foreign companies.

Making telescopes for amateur astronomers.

Train and prepare human resources: Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, professional practices and social service.

Head of the optical Workshop:

Ph.D. Fermin Granados

Technical staff

  • Technical Coordinator:   Miguel Arroyo
  • Coordinator of Technical:   Quechol Salvador Lopez
  • Technical:   Quechol Omar Lopez
  • Technical Coordinator of General Services:   Mayra Salazar
  • Technical coordinator of general services:    Valentin Cortes
  • Fellow:  Claudia Carvallo
  • Fellow:  Emilia Cruz

Support Staff

Engineer Javier Arriaga Petrona

Academic staff

Ph.D. Alejandro Cornejo Rodríguez (Optical testing)
Ph.D. Sergio Vázquez y Montiel (Design and Optical testings)
Ph.D. David Gale (Microscopy)
Ph.D. Félix Aguilar Valdez (Microscopy)
Ph.D. Alberto Jaramillo Núñez (Optical testing)
Ph.D. Fermín Granados Agustín (Optical testing)

Optical Component Fabrication

Creation of a Newton Reflector Telescope: diameter: 5.5”, F/8, ocular 15X
Refractor Telescope: 80 mm. Ocular diameter:15X,
Ritchey Cretien of 8”
Magnifying glass up to 2.20 meters in diameter and wavelength precision of 0.1.

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