September 6-8, 2017 Tonantzintla, Pue

How to get there 

Transportation from Mexico City to Puebla

  •  The standard arrival point into Mexico for our visitors is the Mexico City International Airport. There is a comfortable bus service operated by "Estrella Roja" , which runs from Mexico City airport to Puebla every 30 minutes, from 6am to 2:00am. These buses leave on both terminals The bus fare is $300.00 MXN (mexican pesos) and it is paid in a kiosk located at the bus departing zone. The journey takes about two hours. Buses arrive at either CAPU terminal or "4 Poniente" station, located near downtown. We recommend you to take the bus to CAPU, where the departing taxis have fixed prices and provide receipts.
  •  We strongly advise you against taking taxis from Mexico City airport to Puebla as the fare will be very high (>$1200 MXN).
  •  Notice that although Puebla has its own airport, transportation from Mexico City to Puebla is far more efficient by bus. 
  •   There are several direct flights into the "Hermanos Serdán" Huejotzingo-Puebla International Airport from northern Mexico and USA cities.  This is also a good option.


Transportation from Puebla to INAOE

   If you arrive in Puebla at CAPU, we recommend that you take a "taxi autorizado" to INAOE, which has a regulated price. There are several kiosks inside CAPU to buy the tickets to these taxis, all labeled "taxis autorizados".  The nearest kiosk is inside the station, at the arrival launge of the Estrella Roja bus. The ticket to Tonantzintla is $163 to $169, depending on the hour you take the taxi, and the ride takes about 30 minutes. Inform the driver that you wish to go to "El Observatorio" in Tonantzintla. 
If you arrive at 4 Poniente, there are only standard (black) taxis. You need to negociate the price with the driver before you get into the taxi. The taxi should cost $200 MXN or less. 
If you arrive at the Huejotzingo-Puebla Airport, you will also need to take a taxi autorizado, with a regulated price.


  If you are more for the adventure, from CAPU terminal there is a red bus which is label "Chipilo" through Momoxpan and Tonantzintla. It leaves from the previous to last rail every 30-45 min and it says "INAOE" on the front. It costs $7.50 MXN and takes around 1:15 to 1:30 hours, you should ask for the INAOE stop after leaving Cholula.


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