September 6-8, 2017 Tonantzintla, Pue

Invited Speakers


Noise-induced phenomena in photonic systems

Roberto de Jesus León Montiel, ICN-UNAM

Wavefront and Caustic surfaces: A new approach to design and test simple lenses

Maximino Avendaño Alejo, CCADET-UNAM

Two-dimensional optical ratchets: A fully reconfigurable path to control transport at the microscale

Karen Volke Sepulveda, IF-UNAM

Photon statistics in actively Q-switched fiber lasers

Yury Barmenkov, CIO

Nanophotonics for Optoelectronics Applications

Elder de la Rosa Cruz, CIO

Terahertz: a transdisciplinary tool

Enrique Castro Camus, CIO

A tunable multi-wavelength laser based on a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with photonic crystal fiber

Roberto Rojas Laguna, DICIS-U_Gto

In-line fiber interferometers for sensing applications and fiber lasers

Julián Moisés Estudillo Ayala, DICIS-U_Gto

Quantum coherent effects in acetylene filled photonic crystal fibers

Seguei Stepanov,CICESE

Wood anomalies in metallic gratings with defects

Eugenio Rafael Méndez Méndez, CICESE

Pulsed laser processing of metallic thin films: micro and nanostructuring

Santiago Camacho López, CICESE

Second harmonic generation from gap plasmon-polariton nanoresonators

Anatoly Khomenko, CICESE

Self-calibrating phase-shifting interferometry based on background light estimation

Cruz Meneses Fabián, FCFM-BUAP

Improved all-fiber acousto-optic tunable bandpass filter/modulator for mode-locking applications

Miguel Angel Bello Jimenez, IICO-UASLP

Shaping optical beams with non-integer orbital angular momentum: a generalized differential operator approach

Julio César Gutiérrez Vega, ITESM

Patenting fiber sensor innovatios: a sample of succeful cases

Romeo Selvas Aguilar, FCFM-UANL

Polarization effects at Raman amplification in fiber optics

Evgeny Kuzin, INAOE

New Physics of Laguerre-Gaussian and Hermite Gaussian Optical beams

Sabino Chavez, INAOE

Z-scan for media with nonlocal response

David Iturbe, INAOE

Calculation of modal structure for nearly regular resonators

Nikolay Korneev, INAOE


Mexico Territorial Commitee for Optics
The Optical Society American